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It’s always interesting to be able to step outside the normal routine and take time to reflect on what you’re doing and why you’re doing it.

I recently had the opportunity to take an extended trip around much of Europe and the USA, and spent many happy hours standing in front of artworks in galleries, cathedrals, palaces and private collections.  There were some major works that were on my ‘must see’ list, and some artists whose work has inspired me so I took every chance to seek them out.

I’ve been taking a bit of a break from painting for the last few months, so I was fascinated to observe my response to the artworks that I came across on my travels.  It didn’t surprise me that my eye was invariably drawn to the rich, dramatic workings of cloth.  I haven’t got it out of my system yet, and I suspect that drapery will be my subject for quite a while.

So I’ve started to work up some paintings in response to what I have seen, and it feels good to be painting again.  After not painting for a few months, flying around the world, examining what I like and what I want to do, I’ve come full circle – back the where I started, with a passion and fascination for drapery.



New work 2013 : oil on linen, 350mm x 750mm

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