A voice from the past – memories manifest

Oil on linen, 800mm x 1200mm

“Heritage”, Ruth Phipps, 2014, oil on linen, 800mm x 1200mm


This work is one of my recent paintings that has been selected to feature on the home page of Artfind.co.nz – perfect timing as my solo show “Material Witness” opens soon.  Thanks Artfind!

This amazing piece of hand-worked fabric is an antique Irish linen tablecloth inherited from a Great Aunt.   Such wonderful old linens are a reminder of traditions and heritage passed down from mother to daughter. They have become precious vessels that carry with them memories of loved grandmothers, and they also bear witness to strong, brave generations of women who left their home and country to carve out new lives in a foreign land. That’s a heady mixture: old ideas and traditions are maintained but become frozen in time by isolation from the source,  altered by the new and different, they fade and change through memory’s filters. Several generations on only shadowy traces of legends survive, save the cloth, which manifests the reality of a life lived. Real treasure.


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