at the studioThank you for taking the time to visit my blog.

My paintings explore my fascination with light and dark as it describes form through the representation of fabric.

I began looking at fabric as an expression of the most basic elements of what it means to be human, as a symbol of life and universal humanity particularly around the role of women as mothers. I was interested in the idea of fabrics as symbols of life events and the transference of traditions and values through generations of women.

I began exploring heritage linens that evoke emotions of nurturing, closeness and intimacy. Flowing on from this I became drawn to images of sheets and beds, where fabric is evocative and intensely personal in its ability to envelop, conceal and evoke living presence or absence.

In these works strong shafts of light illuminate detail and imbue a presence, yet these very personal spaces are empty. This contrast of substance and shadow speaks of presence and absence, intimacy and solitude, comfort and loss.

As I explored the folds and gathers of the fabrics and the negative space around the form, I became increasingly fascinated by the idea of what was hidden. The images recede into dark areas raising questions of what is concealed.

This is also reflected in the painting process, in multiple layers of dark and light glazes working back and forth, as detail emerges, fades and re-emerges. The restricted colour palette and sepia-like neutral tones suggest distance in time, memory and loss.

After initially seeking a way to express tangible memory and tradition I realised that my interest lies as much with the unspoken, the forgotten and the lost, as with the remembered and revealed.

You can check out my new website here.

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