Fellow Artists

Paul Screach

Paul’s fabulous works are often inspired by unusual or humorous words or phrases.  Paul shares studio space at Railway Street Studios and has recently had the honor of having his work “Passive Aggressive” purchased by Sir James Wallace.  Congratulations, Paul.  Check out his work here

Kathryn Carter

Kathryn is inspired by the natural landscape, and her colourful, moody, atmospheric paintings are beautiful.  Check out some of her work here: Kathryn Carter and some more here

Suzanne Day

Suzanne’s work can appear delicate and transient, but look into the works and there is depth and substance and a captivating appeal.  Suzanne makes delicate paper cut outs, clever chic fabric brooches and other amazingly clever things, and her paintings are wonderfully ethereal, mesmerizing, alchemy. Follow this link: Suzanne Day

Jacqui Sturm

Jacqui’s subjects range from dried flower heads to dead bird skulls, but you’re never quite sure what you’re seeing.  Jacqui paints the most amazing, intricate, detailed images of all sorts of organic forms, often blown up often to enormous sizes, they are disorienting and captivating, surreal and beautiful.    Follow this link: Jacqui Sturm

Belinda Griffiths

Belinda draws the human form, and her images capture so much of the human condition with what appears to be effortless skill.  Her images are shadowy and sketchy; they capture a  sense of that fleeting moment, that glimpse of the individual before he disappears into the crowd,  and yet they capture the full weight and presence of the individual.  Her scale ranges from small, personal studies on board to very large images on canvas.  Belinda won the prestigious Molly Morpeth Canaday award a couple of years ago.  Check out her work here: Belinda Griffiths.

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