Hot days and darkened doorways

painting inspired by recent travels in Spain and Portugal

painting inspired by recent travels in Spain and Portugal, oil on linen, 500mm x 600mm

Creamy, sienna and honey colored stone,  warm, soft on the eye; stucco walls that entice my fingers; rustic, weather-worn wood and rusted iron speak of other times; sultry air hangs in darkened passages that open to inner courtyards but feel like portals to another world; fabrics and lace, beautiful and rare and everyday, delicate in appearance, but steadfast and  staunch as custodians of rites, traditions, memories … and people. Families, mothers, women.

Surrender to the muse


I’ve been thinking about my obsession with draped fabrics, and how it is I keep revisiting the fold and fall, shadow and drape of cloth.

Isabel Allende described how she becomes obsessed with a theme or with certain stories that stay with her, that haunt her, until she writes them.   She just has to write them, she says – she has learnt to surrender to the muse.