Oil on Canvas

Refrain (n) –  It’s a musical term, meaning the repeating lines, phrase or verse.  A song, a melody.  A repeated theme.

I’ve been painting a series of works inspired, amongst other things, by the music I listen to as I paint.  Baroque and Sacred Chants have been a favorite for some time, and fit wonderfully with the dramatic, almost spiritual quality of light in some of my paintings.

My work has been about human presence, absence, memory and traditions, and ‘Refrain’ (v)  is visually represented by the space, the knot, and the separation in the folds.

And I want to mention a fellow artist, also…

Passive Aggressive by Paul Screach

Congratulations to Paul Screach, his work “Passive Aggressive” has just been acquired by Sir James Wallace for his collection.   This is a huge honor, and we are all very proud of you Paul,  Well done.  There’s a link to Paul’s work and The James Wallace Trust art collection under the “Fellow Artists” tab above.  Paul currently has an exhibition of his recent work at Railway Street Studios.