Asking the question

Truth Seeker, 2016 Oil on linen, 300 x 250 mm

Truth Seeker, 2016
Oil on linen, 300 x 250 mm

Lately I’ve been working on much smaller paintings than I usually do, including some very small works.  The miniature format feels right while I explore a new approach to my old lace treasures and I find the process to be very meditative; there’s an intimacy and concentration of detail in the smaller works that I find very satisfying.  Now, I don’t normally enter art competitions because I think my work is too traditional to be acceptable to contemporary competitions, but last year I decided it was time, and I was delighted to receive positive feedback and to hear that my painting, Truth Seeker, was selected as a finalist in the 2016 Peters Doig Marlborough Art Awards.

Voices from the Past

Oil on linen, 900 X 1500mm

Oil paint on Belgian linen, 900 X 1500mm

These family heirloom linens from 19th century carry with them the voices of the past, a reminder of lives lived and journeys taken, passed on down generations on a journey of their own.