Hot days and darkened doorways

painting inspired by recent travels in Spain and Portugal

painting inspired by recent travels in Spain and Portugal, oil on linen, 500mm x 600mm

Creamy, sienna and honey colored stone,  warm, soft on the eye; stucco walls that entice my fingers; rustic, weather-worn wood and rusted iron speak of other times; sultry air hangs in darkened passages that open to inner courtyards but feel like portals to another world; fabrics and lace, beautiful and rare and everyday, delicate in appearance, but steadfast and  staunch as custodians of rites, traditions, memories … and people. Families, mothers, women.



light falls into darkness: details are partially illuminated, suggestive, nuanced; we see only glimpses, memories are evoked, we infer meanings and complete our own stories

Keep the Noise Down


Oil on Canvas,

“Shafts of light will fall,

move slowly down your wall,

come to rest on last night’s pile of clothes”

Greg Johnson