Whispered Messages and Passion


Acrylic on Canvas

500mm x 1000mm

I’ve been using fabric to convey messages about what it means human at the most basic.  Life, love, loss, memory.  Fabric concealing and revealing who we are.

Another message carrier was Iris.  The beautiful young Greek Goddess dressed in multicolored clothes and rode the wind to bring messages to mortals. She married Zephyrus who was the god of the west wind, and their son was Pothos,  passion.

The word iridescence is derived in part from the name of this goddess, and the iris of the eye is named after her as she was the goddess of the rainbow, to reflect the many colours of the eye.



A celebration of colour

A celebration of colour


Painted in oils on board

Rajasthan means the land of the kings.  What it means to me is colour.  An exuberance of colour.  Coming from a country where black is the national theme, and the preferred colour for elegant dressing, I’m enthralled by the overwhelming intensity and celebration of color in everyday dress.  And I love that colours fit for a king can be seen everywhere, on everyone.