Gentle people and a Still, Quiet Voice

Prayer Shawl

Two lovely people allowed this  one artist free reign with their precious family shawl, and this is the result.  It went off happily to its new home today.  (We miss it already)  Some things just are special, and that’s what this felt like.  The wool is weighty and draped beautifully, and there was so much interest in the beautiful details, but beyond those physical aspects, this shawl had presence.  I was drawn to the soft reflections and filtered glow of the light through the folds, and to me it was like the shawl was breathing.  That’s when I realised… so often we can’t hear the voice that really matters until we stop. Still. And listen.

Material Witness

My first exhibition since October 2012, “Material Witness”, opens on  22 July,  at Exhibitions Gallery of Fine Art, 19A Osborne Street, Newmarket, Auckland.

Preview: Tuesday, 22 July 2014, 6pm – 8pm.  If you are in Auckland, please join us  (to RSVP please email the gallery  –  everyone’s welcome.

You can check out this link to the gallery for a sneak preview of the works on show!  And please pass on the invitation to your friends.

The exhibition runs from 22 July to 17 August 2014.  See you there!

"Most Secret and True", Ruth Phipps, 2014, oil on linen, 710mm x 560mm

“Most Secret and True”, Ruth Phipps, 2014, oil on linen, 710mm x 560mm

Did you ever tie a knot in your handkerchief?










Oil on marouflaged Linen

Ovato Tondo 300mm x 400mm


When I was a child, my Grandmother told me to tie a knot in my hanky to remember.  I might not remember why I tied the knot, but  I think of her every time.

When I began painting drapery it was because I was exploring traditions and memories passed from one generation to the next, and using fabrics as symbols of that.  I found that these fabrics became loaded with symbolism well beyond my personal memories. They can be seen as intimate and personal, but also universal and timeless.

My Grandmother has long since gone, but the love, the traditions, the memories linger… happily.